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Feminism Is An Interdisciplinary Idea - 881 Words

Feminism is an interdisciplinary idea. In sociology, feminism broadens our ideas on gender and transforms it into a major field of study. George Ritzer, in Contemporary Sociological Theory and Its Classical Roots, breaks feminist theory down into four major varieties, gender differences, gender inequality, gender oppression, and structural oppression. He then explains the different forms of feminism seen in each variety. The first variety, gender difference, describes, explains, and traces the implications of how men and women are or are not the same in behavior and experience. â€Å"Women’s location in, and experience of, most situations is different from those of men in the situation.† (Ritzer, 201) Cultural feminism is one of two theories Ritzer discusses under gender differences. This theory explores and celebrates the social value of women’s distinctive ways of being. The core idea of theory is that a woman’s way of being may be better for society; better than those of the androcentric culture. Cooperation, pacifism, and nonviolence in the settling of disputes, these virtues of women can be argued better for governing a society. Another form of feminist theory Ritzer places under the variety gender difference is feminist interactionist theory. In this theory ethnomethodology claims that â€Å"institutional order, culture, and stratification are maintained by the ongo ing activities of individuals in interaction.† (Ritzer, 204)When this concept is applied to gender it creates theShow MoreRelatedFeminism : A Feminist Perspective1168 Words   |  5 Pagesinfluenced my intellectual journal through feminist theory. Feminism is a contentious topic with matters that pertain to contemporary feminism, including the following: reproductive rights; equal access to education and employment; marriage equality; violence against women; and the sex trade. While these are only a few of the issues faced by feminists, it is evident that feminism has great value in today’s society. My journey with feminism began in high school when a professor shared negative assumptionsRead MoreEssay about The Facets of Womans Studies783 Words   |  4 PagesWoman’s studies is an interdisciplinary academic field devoted to topics concerning women, gender and feminism; exploring our gender existence, how we perform femininity and masculinity and how this inte racts with other aspects of our identities, such as race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status and sexuality. Women’s studies emerged in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s as a concerned women being misrepresentation and trivialization in the higher education curriculum and as well as being excluded fromRead MoreGiving An Education By Adrienne Rich Essay1459 Words   |  6 Pagesthis and refer to it as â€Å"gender†. However, from birth, our sex is automatically gendered according to one’s culture but it nonetheless, changeable (Shaw and Lee 117). Hardly anything intrinsic or static about femininity or masculinity exist but such ideas have been formed and vary across societies and even during historical periods. For example, the Navajo believe in a balanced interrelationship between both feminine and masculine traits to maintain harmony. Gender is a concept that is practiced andRead MoreThe Discipline Of American Studies Essay1676 Words   |  7 PagesT he discipline of American Studies is focused on exploring and understanding power, American society, culture, and related attitudes and behavior. An interdisciplinary approach focusing both on the retelling of queer narratives in Latinx literature and heteronormative ideology directly links to disciplinary foundations of literary theory, social identity, and cultural conditions demonstrated both in the fields English and American Studies. One specific area of disciplinary focus has been identityRead MoreGender: Annotated Bibliography Essay1480 Words   |  6 Pagesby Sara Mills. Mills develops methods of analyzing literary and non-literary texts, in addition to conversational analysis based on a feminist approach. The author draws on data from her collection of essays gathered over the last two decades on feminism during the 1990s. The essays focus on gender issues, the representation of gender in reading, writing, and in public speaking. Furthermore, it highlights the importance o f feminists’ analysis of sexism in literature and the relation between genderRead MoreEssay about Research Methodology Report1448 Words   |  6 PagesResearch Methodology Report My themed research project will centre its focus upon the link between Riot Grrrl and its relation to Third-Wave Feminism. Primarily I aim to analyse Riot Grrrl’s music scene, but also its subculture mentioning its DIY punk ethic, political activism and most importantly its influential Zine network. However the purpose of this report is to demonstrate a grounded understanding in three research methodologies and how I will apply each one in regards to my own projectRead MoreEssay about Legacy and Respect: The Usefulness of Feminism2059 Words   |  9 PagesLegacy and Respect: The Usefulness of Feminism In a letter to students who participate in Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges bi-college Feminist and Gender Studies department, Head of the Department Anne Dalke outlined an argument in favor of changing the programs name. She wrote, Our argument for re-naming the FGS program Gender and Sexuality is based on 3 claims: 1. that it will be enticing for prospective and current students and faculty, because it names their personal and intellectualRead MoreMy Interview With The Homelessness Essay1722 Words   |  7 Pages The vision is to have communities end homelessness in their communities by actively contributing to the social justice work that libraries do. Since Julie is still co-creating the organization, its programs are not finalized. However, their first idea is holding panels at public libraries about homelessness and how to address it, including and uplifting the voices and perspectives of those who have or do currently experience homelessness, which could break down stereotypes and build community awarenessRead MoreDomain Of Knowledge And Skill Mastered By Men3135 Words   |  13 Pagessocial order, the male appears as non-marked in comparison to the female which is openly criticized. Bourdieu separates the two genders, where; the male s ultimate desire is that for possession and the fem ale s is that for domination. Bourdieu s ideas on the distinction of the genders relate directly to Paulo Freire Pedagogy of the Oppressed . Freire describes the relationship of the oppressor and the oppressed as a vicious circle; the oppressed see themselves as freed individualsRead MoreCriminology And The Social Theory Essay1726 Words   |  7 Pagessupport this view and believe the study of crime is quite straightforward in the sense that criminology is the study of the crimes permitted and the criminals who initiate such behaviours. However, Newburn (2007) critiques this because of the interdisciplinary nature of Criminology and the diverse history of the various disciplines that make up Criminology. It is more plausible in the twentieth century to struggle with minimalizing a behaviour to fit into a certain set of ideals and criteria rather

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Analysis Of Jonathan Yardley s The Rye - 861 Words

Jonathan Yardley was a book critic for the Washington Post and a Pulitzer Prize winner for Criticism. In an occasional series from The Post, Yardley critics one of the most notable novels from the past: The Catcher in the Rye. His objective is to persuade his readers that The Catcher in the Rye is neither a well written book --as many claim it is-- nor a book that is deserving enough to be labeled an â€Å"American classic.† Yardley uses a sardonic, yet criticizing tone along with rhetorical devices such as antithesis, hypophora, understatements, and epithets to support his thesis and help the reader perceive the book from his position. Yardley suggest that J.D. Salinger was unsuccessful in his syntax and diction in The Catcher in the Rye to weaken the praises of people who believe the book is exceptionally good in speaking like a teenager. Yardley says his attempts â€Å"only produces an adult’s unwitting parody of teen-speak,† which is a complete understatemen t. He claims Salinger was oblivious to what teenage language is usually like, using small examples like how Salinger uses â€Å"ya know† instead of â€Å"y’know.† Salinger was an adult writing in a teenage voice, which creates a lot of complication. He obviously didn’t know how a teenager spoke or acted, which ended up making the book a little bit peculiar. The character Holden Caulfield supposedly behaves like a child, but the way he speaks isn’t very child-like. He drinks alcohol and has grey hair, but he also becomes absorbed into

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The Return Shadow Souls Chapter 4 Free Essays

â€Å"You’re shaking. Let me do it alone,† Meredith said, putting a hand on Bonnie’s shoulder as they stood together in front of Caroline Forbes’s house. Bonnie started to lean into the pressure, but made herself stop. We will write a custom essay sample on The Return: Shadow Souls Chapter 4 or any similar topic only for you Order Now It was humiliating to be shaking so obviously on a Virginia morning in late July. It was humiliating to be treated like a child, too. But Meredith, who was only six months older, looked more adult than usual today. Her dark hair was pulled back, so that her eyes looked very large and her olive-skinned face with its high cheekbones was shown to its best advantage. She could practically be my babysitter, Bonnie thought dejectedly. Meredith had high heels on, too, instead of her usual flats. Bonnie felt smaller and younger than ever in comparison. She ran a hand through her strawberry-blond curls, trying to fluff them up a precious half inch higher. â€Å"I’m not scared. I’m c-cold,† Bonnie said with all the dignity she could muster. â€Å"I know. You feel something coming from there, don’t you?† Meredith nodded at the house before them. Bonnie looked sideways at it and then back at Meredith. Suddenly Meredith’s adultness was more comforting than annoying. But before she looked at Caroline’s house again she blurted, â€Å"What’s with the spike heels?† â€Å"Oh,† Meredith said, glancing down. â€Å"Just practical thinking. If anything tries to grab my ankle this time, it gets this.† She stamped and there was a satisfying clack from the sidewalk. Bonnie almost smiled. â€Å"Did you bring your brass knuckles, too?† â€Å"I don’t need them; I’ll knock Caroline out again barehanded if she tries anything. But quit changing the subject. I can do this alone.† Bonnie finally let herself put her own small hand on Meredith’s slim, long-fingered one. She squeezed. â€Å"I know you can. But I’m the one who should. It was me she invited over.† â€Å"Yes,† Meredith said, with a slight, elegant curl of her lip. â€Å"She’s always known where to stick in the knife. Well, whatever happens, Caroline’s brought it on herself. First we try to help her, for her sake and ours. Then we try to make her get help. After that – â€Å" â€Å"After that,† Bonnie said sadly, â€Å"there’s no telling.† She looked at Caroline’s house again. It looked†¦skewed†¦in some way, as if she were seeing it through a distorting mirror. Besides that, it had a bad aura: black slashed across an ugly shade of gray-green. Bonnie had never seen a house with so much energy before. And it was cold, this energy, like the breath out of a meat locker. Bonnie felt as if it would suck out her own life-force and turn it into ice, if it got the chance. She let Meredith ring the doorbell. It had a slight echo to it, and when Mrs. Forbes answered, her voice seemed to echo slightly, as well. The inside of the house still had that funhouse mirror look to it, Bonnie thought, but even stranger was the feel. If she shut her eyes she would imagine herself in a much larger place, where the floor slanted sharply down. â€Å"You came to see Caroline,† Mrs. Forbes said. Her appearance shocked Bonnie. Caroline’s mother looked like an old woman, with gray hair and a pinched white face. â€Å"She’s up in her room. I’ll show you,† Caroline’s mother said. â€Å"But Mrs. Forbes, we know where – † Meredith broke off when Bonnie put a hand on her arm. The faded, shrunken woman was leading the way. She had almost no aura at all, Bonnie realized, and was stricken to the heart. She’d known Caroline and her parents for so long – how could their relationships have come to this? I won’t call Caroline names, no matter what she does, Bonnie vowed silently. No matter what. Even†¦yes, even after what she’s done to Matt. I’ll try to remember something good about her. But it was difficult to think at all in this house, much less to think of anything good. Bonnie knew the staircase was going up; she could see each step above her. But all her other senses told her she was going down. It was a horrifying feeling that made her dizzy: this sharp slant downward as she watched her feet climb. There was also a smell, strange and pungent, of rotten eggs. It was a reeking, rotten odor that you tasted in the air. Caroline’s door was shut, and in front of it, lying on the floor, was a plate of food with a fork and carving knife on it. Mrs. Forbes hurried ahead of Bonnie and Meredith and quickly snatched up the plate, opened the door opposite Caroline’s, and placed it in there, shutting the door behind her. But just before it disappeared, Bonnie thought she saw movement in the heap of food on the fine bone china. â€Å"She’ll barely speak to me,† Mrs. Forbes said in the same empty voice she’d used before. â€Å"But she did say that she was expecting you.† She hurried past them, leaving them alone in the corridor. The smell of rotten eggs – no, of sulfur, Bonnie realized, was very strong. Sulfur – she recognized the smell from last year’s chemistry class. But how did such a horrible smell get into Mrs. Forbes’s elegant house? Bonnie turned to Meredith to ask, but Meredith was already shaking her head. Bonnie knew that expression. Don’t say anything. Bonnie gulped, wiped her watering eyes, and watched Meredith turn the handle of Caroline’s door. The room was dark. Enough light shone from the hallway to show that Caroline’s curtains had been reinforced by opaque bedspreads nailed over them. No one was in or on the bed. â€Å"Come in! And shut that door fast!† It was Caroline’s voice, with Caroline’s typical waspishness. A flood of relief swept over Bonnie. The voice wasn’t a male bass that shook the room, or a howl, it was Caroline-in-a-bad-mood. She stepped into the dimness before her. How to cite The Return: Shadow Souls Chapter 4, Essay examples

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The Snob; Critique free essay sample

The Snob: Reflection In The Snob John goes to a store with the girl he loves; Grace. John sees his dad, and wants to leave the store with Grace because he does not want his dad to meet her. John feels embarrassed about how his dad is dressed and does not want Grace too see him. John’s dad sees them both in the store and eventually walks out without turning back to see John. Next John confronts Grace about how he portrays her as a snob, because she think she is better than everyone else, and she is high class and John and his family are not, and have had to work for everything they have today. John believes that Grace will not like his family and that they will not live up to her standards. Based on my personal experience I can relate to the moment John saw his dad and felt embarrassed about it. We will write a custom essay sample on The Snob; Critique or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page I feel this way when I go out with my parents sometimes and they do things to try and embarrass me or go out dressed funny. Sometimes this makes me feel awkward or embarrassed to be seen with them, because I act and dress a lot different than they do, so I sometimes feel weird if I go out with them and they dress funny. This also relates to how John felt that moment at the store because if I go out and see people I know I sometimes feel like the will question who I’m with or what they look like. The topic of family and being embarrassed is present in the text The Snob, because when John is in the department store with Grace he sees his father. John instantly tries not to look up and have his dad notice him. John feels very awkward and embarrassed by the way he sees his father dressed because he does not want Grace to see his father dressed like that; because he fears she might judge him. John insists to Grace that they leave the store, but Grace wants to stay. After a while John’s dad eventually notices John and Grace, and after checking out he walks out of the store and does not turn his back to come see John, because she feels sad and embarrassed that John didn’t come introduce Grace to him. John confronts Grace about the situation and how he feels about her and he tells Grace that she is kind of snobby and that she acts and has a different lifestyle than he does, and he feels she might leave him because of that. Based on what happened in The Snob and my own personal experiences, I feel that many other people feel the same way. There are many reasons why people may feel this way. It could be because someone may feel embarrassed for their friends or family to meet someone they are friends with or are dating. They may feel the same way John did about his family compared to Grace, or they may feel the complete opposite. They may feel that they are not good enough compared to others based on how they look, dress or how they live. This may cause them to hide some those things by dressing a certain way when with that person or people. It may cause them to spend hours getting ready to try and make themselves look their best so they can impress people. They may also not invite people over but rather go to someone else’s house or a different location to avoid going to their house because they are embarrassed of how they live. They may also avoid contact with their parents when around these people because like in John’s situation; they may feel embarrassed and do not want the people they are around to meet or see who they are.

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A full detail of the first and the last chapters of the movie Gladiator Essays

A full detail of the first and the last chapters of the movie Gladiator Essays A full detail of the first and the last chapters of the movie Gladiator Essay A full detail of the first and the last chapters of the movie Gladiator Essay Essay Topic: The Heart Goes Last This essay is a full detail of the first and the last chapters of the movie gladiator; it also covers 3 different topics on the chapters. I am going to explain the expressions given by characters, what director wants from audience, and the role of camera in the movie. This film is presented as an exciting epic. The central focus of the film is intended to be on Maximus (Russell Crowe) by the director (Ridley Scott) and is about one mans heroic stand against the greatness, but at the same time, the corruption of the Roman Empire. Hell is unleashed is the title of the opening scene and begins with credits to the background of flames. It then progresses to a figure walking in a long grassed field to the background of the sky and the camera in a close up, focusing on his hand, the wedding ring clearly visible showing his devotion to his family at an early stage. At this point the music is melancholy with a female soloist which carries on throughout the film. This is a situation of calm; almost like a dream. The shot cuts to a close up on Maximus face as he lifts his head with his eyes closed, as if in deep thought. This is a dramatic change of scenery from the dream like golden fields to the reality of a war stricken battlefield. The music intensity quickens and he opens his eyes, the combined intensity of the music and the clothes he is wearing make him look like a powerful warrior. The camera then cuts to many different angles but after each one cuts back to Maximus, this is showing how busy everyone is when they are preparing for battle. The music is the theme tune. The music stops to show, perhaps, the silence before the battle and the camera cuts to Maximus riding his horse, the camera dollies with the horse and the music starts and intensity slowly rises as the camera cuts to the enemy showing themselves out of the dark. The camera is in amongst the soldiers preparing for battle showing the intensity of war and the discipline of the Romans compared to the barbarians. There is a birds eye view as the battle starts and you are shown all the firepower they had at their disposal. Archers, catapults, cavalry are shown to show the technologically advanced Romans. The camera cuts to the soldiers and the front line battle. The camera cuts to a close up with the camera dollying with cavalry soldiers and Maximus, the music is very fast which reflects the actions happening at the scene. The camera follows them into war where death is shown all the way through and very graphically which shows the horror of war, as the battle comes to an end the music slows and the scene moves into slow motion. The sound effects stop completely but for the music, which is very calm and mournful reflecting the horror of the battle. In this scene the shots go from distant to close up which show the violence, anger and pure adrenaline of war. At the end of the battle ash and snow start to fall, which represents that the Romans won the battle, but with a great cost of human life, the music is very melancholy representing sorrow. The Director wishes to show the audience how organized and invincible the Romans are (on the battle field at least), how they are lacking in motivation, and in contrast how the barbarians are fighting for a lost cause and yet they will not give up. He shows this by always making the Romans look organized and goes in amongst the barracks and with Maximus in the ambush with the camera where as the camera watches the barbarians get attacked and slaughtered. Death smiles at us all is the title of the ending scene and is of possibly the most significance of the whole film. It is the scene where he two main characters die and has religious over tones from the start. It starts with the two main characters, Maximus and Comadus, rising on a platform with roses dropping from above and a gospel choir singing as if they are rising up to heaven; the camera is close up until they go out of view and then pans out to see a wooden structure that resembles a cross. This may symbolize that someone is going to die. As they rise to the top platform the viewer is shown the whole of the floor of the coliseum covered in rose petals; this shows that this is a very emotional occasion. The camera then cuts to a close up of each person of significance to give the effect of a showdown, the petals also mite look like blood on the sand of the arena. During the period of most of the fight there is no music, only other sound effects such as swords clashing; this is because there is no music that could state every emotion that the characters would be feeling and so there is no need because the event almost speaks for its self as it is of such emotional significance because it would affect so many people. Before the battle starts we see a paradox between a bad man wearing white stabbing a good man wearing black in the back whilst showing affection and hugging him, this shows that Comadus wants to become the good man in the publics (us) eyes and Maximus is very upset and his life and does not care, all he wants to do is take revenge and do the last words of Marcus Aeurileus. As the battle starts the camera dollies with them but cuts back and forth from the ground level view and in the stands which puts the audience right in the seats of the arena, this is to give variety to the fight scene and keep it seeming fast paced and keep the audience involved in the fight, it also shows the fighters perspective to the fight. All through this scene some bits are in slow motion, others blurred and some normal speed; this is because whenever any of those happened it was always seen from Maximus view and so Maximus is beginning to die and would be seeing things at different speeds. The fight is fast paced and the camera angles vary lots of times in a very short space of time to make it look more exciting than it actually was. The only sound used throughout the fight scene is that of clashing blades. The camera cuts to Maximus house once more to show that he is dying and is almost dead, the director here wants the audience to sympathise with Maximus. As Comadus dies there is no music and very gory sound effects to show the enormity of the event and the director wants the audience not to have sympathy for him. The camera then cuts to silence with the camera spinning round the coliseum to give the effect of everyone watching and reflecting on the emperors death; the music starts very slowly and builds up. The camera cuts to Maximus house again to show he is really near the end and almost with his family in the afterlife, the solo vocalist returns and then the camera cuts between Maximus and the dead Emperors sister several times before a close up on his face as he dies; the camera then follows him as he glides along the ground, with rose petals clearly visible on the floor behind him symbolizing that he is b ack with his wife and child and happy again. The camera cuts to Maximus walking in the field back to his house as in the beginning but this time in colour and then cuts back to him lying on the floor in the middle of the coliseum. The camera moves to inside the ring of people and has a close up on the emperors daughters big speech about how Rome is not worth one good mans life with a close up view on her but looking up at her to give the effect of her being big and taking over. It then moves to a birds eye view as Maximus is carried off. Next the camera shows a close up of Chimsy burying Maximus figures of his family in sand stained in blood to symbolize him being with his family as he died in the same place in the sand and they are buried in his blood. The camera then rises to see the sun going down on the great city of Rome. In this scene I think that the director (Ridley Scott) is trying to show how weak such a powerful city like Rome can be and that even though it looks so magnificent, it only takes one man to tear it apart. Language At the beginning of the movie the language is shown in text. Within the text it explains the genre and idea of the movie by explaining the situation of the Roman Empire and that the Roman Empire was at its rise (therefore the audience realizes something is going to happen to the Roman Empire). But through out the whole movie the language is shown oral. Main characters such as Russell Crowe use very much of a wise-men language; this means they make influential speeches in the movie, which portrays their character in the movie. The barbarians and the Arabs are shown that they do not speak the same language as the Romans; therefore there are the bad and the roman language is the good. Music The music through out the movie is very downhearted and melancholy. The music expresses sorrow and sadness. At the beginning the movie starts with music and it ends with music, perhaps they are both parts of the same song because the tune seems to be the same. On the other hand there is a music theme for the wars and fights which is a more militia music type to show the expressions and give the feeling of war and death. Symbolism In this movie symbols were very much involved. Symbols such as robins to show winter, bad people wear black dirty and good people wear bright and clean, the bad dead body is on the floor in the arena and the good body is carried of with honor, a ring is shown to show devotion to family, flowers are always shown to show emotions, in the wars the catapults were shown to show the technology of the roman empire and Comadus is shown with a baby face which symbolizes a child, not an emperor. Many different symbols have been used in this movie to give hints or id

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Should Parents Work When Their Children Are Very Young Essays

Should Parents Work When Their Children Are Very Young Essays Should Parents Work When Their Children Are Very Young Essay Should Parents Work When Their Children Are Very Young Essay Should both parents go out to work when their children are young? What are your views? (O-Level Nov. 2004) Crying, screaming and shouting were heard all around the room. Mike, a five-year-old boy, was grasping his motheraâ‚ ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s hand. The reluctance of the leaving of his mother coerced him to appeal to his mother to stay at home. aâ‚ ¬? Mom, please! Dad is out to work. It is enough! aâ‚ ¬? Mike begged. Here comes a controversial social problem aâ‚ ¬ should both parents go out and work when the child is still young?Parents, so-called the first teachers of the children, have crucial impacts on their children. Their presence and love for the children while they are young affect the childrenaâ‚ ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s lives massively. Some parents decide that both of them will go out to work when their children are young. This arouses the deprecation. Firstly, young children do not have the ability to live independently without the help and guidance of their parents. If both parents go out to work, there will be no one at home. Therefore, when the children meet any difficulties, problems or danger, nobody will be aware.Definitely, it is unsafe for the children. For instance, if there is a short circuit in the house, it is easy to fire the house as short circuit can cause fire. However, you may argue that the parents can hire a helper to look after the children. It is true. However, so many cases have clearly indicated the disadvantages of that option. According to the news in Chongqing, China, some domestic workers help the children to shower by putting them into washing machines, and eventually cause the deaths of children.Although the cases are not numerous, the possibility of such potential danger has never gone. Thus, with at least one of the parents at home, one can ensure that the children are safe at home. Secondly, love form parents can never be substituted by other people. The young need the care and love form parents. With parentsaâ‚ ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢ love, the young will have the courage to be brave when faced with a difficulty. Some people say that parents display their love as their children when they come after work.However, the long duration of being alone during the day time may leave a dark shadow in childrenaâ‚ ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s hearts. Furthermore, if at least one parent says at home with the child, the parent can conduct home education for the child. To bring early education to the child is to give the child an edge in cognitive development. Of course, this job can be done by having a tutor at home. However, the tutor only teaches knowledge from the textbook. He does not provide the moral education. To be a successful man, we know that morality and a good personality are crucial.However, I have to admit that if both parents go out to work, the children may become and better able independent to handle most of the things themselves. Inculcating independence in a child is a necessary life skill. Nevertheless, independence can be inculcated through other means like asking him to place his own order of food during an outing to Pizza Hut. In conclusion, there are advantages to be reaped from having both parents working, the disadvantages far more outgrowth the advantages.

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Creating a Flowchart Design for the Validation Check Process Lab Report

Creating a Flowchart Design for the Validation Check Process - Lab Report Example Input validation check may either use blacklisting approach or white-listing approach. White-listing allows programmer to define the data that should be accepted in an entry while blacklisting does the opposite. That is, a blacklist approach defines a set of ‘known bad inputs’ that should not be accepted as an input whereas a white-list defines a set of known good inputs. Using the two approaches, one of the input checks may be application of a white-list. The auditor may consider checking the accepted data types in each entry. For example in the access routine number to payroll by the operator, one may specify that the input must consider of letters, special characters such as dollar sign and numbers. Since it acts like a password, the combination ensures security when it comes to accessibility (Nick, 2003). Additionally, employees’ number inputs may be restricted to letters and numbers only e.g kw997836. Besides, another input validation check to consider is canonicalization of all inputs. This involves reducing data received to its simplest form. Simplifying one input may facilitate bypassing of validation functions. Thus canonicalization ensures that any malicious user do not bypass the validation function (Nick, 2003). Last but not least, one may consider creating checks for the system content. Check for content specifies the maximum and minimum lengths of entries and probably the syntax. For example, in the employees’ number input slot, one may specify that the letters comes before numbers and the maximum number of characters is 6. The specification ensures that a malicious user does not paste several input data in the entry (Nick,